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SUI Solutions is focused on developing products for iPhone and iPod Touch
that help its clients become more profitable and productive.
We simultaneously create applications that just simply improve your life.

Our ready-made iPhone applications are both powerful and convenient with features that utilize the iPhone's unique innovations, including multi-touch interface, accelerometer, graphics, and navigation.

Whose House

Whose House

An educational and entertaining app for babies and toddlers. Focuses on simplicity, colors and basic concepts of animals and their houses. Animals and their sounds are easily recognizable. Colorful, funny images, delightful music and positive reinforcement will get and keep the toddler's attention. The child can play and learn without any extra help. It gives parents a short break while teaching, amusing and calming the child.


  • Simple pictures and animations with clear, bright colors
  • Two modes: interactive mode or simple view mode
  • Visual feedback with each tap
  • Ability to shuffle scenes
  • Each time the app is used, the sequence of scenes changes
  • This application was developed under the supervision of a child psychologist