Professional Development for iPhone

SUI Solutions is focused on developing products for iPhone and iPod Touch
that help its clients become more profitable and productive.
We simultaneously create applications that just simply improve your life.

Our ready-made iPhone applications are both powerful and convenient with features that utilize the iPhone's unique innovations, including multi-touch interface, accelerometer, graphics, and navigation.


iMargin: Calculating Your Profit

Instantly compute and fine-tune your margin in just seconds with iMargin from SUI Solutions. iMargin is the perfect solution when you need to make a quick decision and there’s no time to input an extensive formula. Just enter two values and iMargin will instantly populate the rest.

Need to determine your sell price with a particular cost and a set margin? Simply enter the cost and margin to instantly see both sell price and gross margin.

Likewise, you can input any two values and view the result as you’re typing. There’s no need to select a formula or parameter to be calculated.

iMargin senses finger taps and uses traditional iPhone gestures, including clearing a field by swiping and shaking your device to clear all fields.

iMargin Features:

  • Calculation on-the-fly 
  • Fields double as input or output 
  • In-place arithmetical operations 
  • Clearing a single field by swiping it 
  • Clearing all fields by shaking the device 
  • Accidental shake protection with Undo 
  • Customizable options: precision, shake sensitivity and the default field for startup.

See the iMargin in action!