Professional Development for iPhone

SUI Solutions is focused on developing products for iPhone and iPod Touch
that help its clients become more profitable and productive.
We simultaneously create applications that just simply improve your life.

Our ready-made iPhone applications are both powerful and convenient with features that utilize the iPhone's unique innovations, including multi-touch interface, accelerometer, graphics, and navigation.

Flatter Me

Flatter Me

Having a bad day? Need some moral support? Let Flatter Me give you the compliments you need to boost your self esteem, improve your mood and make you at peace with the world.

Flatter Me displays compliments that are personalized just for you while relaxing nature backgrounds smoothly transition from daytime to nighttime and back.

Easily adjust the cycle length for the nature images or move around compliments as they appear on the screen with just a tap.

Flatter Me Features:

  • A wide selection of personalized compliments
  • Soothing nature backgrounds
  • Customizable day and night time cycle lengths
  • Attractive visual effects
  • Fun with compliments: touch, drag or throw any compliment off the screen
  • FREE upgrades to future Flatter Me versions